Sunday, February 9, 2014

Work stuff that's running-related

I have not been running much, but I have been around it. My super-great friends at RunnersWorld are moved into their new huge multi-faceted store, and I have helped build some of their displays. 
This has been fun--getting to hang out with friends and such. Plus--it's been some inside work on super cold days--BONUS!!

No, I did not move or create the signs. It involved wiring, and the extent of my electrical expertise is plugging an extension cord into a wall socket.

I do have some expertise in spending money at Lowe's and Home Depot though!!

These 2'x 8' shelves were a snap, but were heavy to move. We joked about them getting double-duty as coffins.

This was actually an unpopular post on Facebook. (There were a few peeps who were less than amused.)

Building the cash wrap was a huge challenge. I can't say I breezed through it. I actually have a bald spot from scratching  my head  and saying "hmmmmm."

The marble top had to be reused, as did the counter-top on the inside of the half round structure. I made the walls to fir the marble, before considering the curve of the counter-top. It was a tighter curve. (More head scratching here.) However, with some minor modifications and some good fortune, it all came together.

Weighing 10,000 lbs, this fixture will never move. In case of a tornado, this would be a good shelter.

Besides my poor skills with electrical wiring, my plumbing skills also suck. The most skillful feat of plumbing on my resume is remembering to put the seat down, and I only get a C- on that.. Kathy had this vision of displays made out of galvanized steel pipes. (Could that be called a "pipe dream"?) I think she could have built all of these pipe displays herself, but I was eager to lend a hand. I was confident I could fit these pipes together and guarantee they would not leak.

Kathy wasted no time in filling these racks up.

Notice the metal trim on the edge of the plywood. That is steel shelf tracking, and Kathy thought it would look good along the edge of the wood. It DOES look good. The girl has the knack.

Kathy, as well as Derk and Barbara have worked their hineys off getting the store put together, and it is awesome. This series of projects was a great challenge, and I loved every bit of it.