Thursday, September 18, 2014

A couple of days of doors

I finished up my week working for some awesome running friends--Michael and Chrissy Whitten. They selected a ThermaTru Classic Craft Rustic Oak door--a two panel plank design with a cherry stain. This is ThermaTru's top-of-the-line door and will last them years and years. The main thing that fails on entry doors is the jamb. The Classic Craft line has composite jambs, and will never rot, split, or warp.

The old door--a fir craftsman style door already has a new home--and is scheduled to be installed for another of my running friends.

Chrissy had me reinstall the dragonfly door knocker, which doubles as a wreath hanger.

Installing entry doors is usually a fairly easy chore for me--but this threshold had been set in a heavy bed of adhesive, and I turned a B+ wood chisel into a D- one chipping all the hardened goo from the slab. I duplicated the glue-bed by emptying a whole tube of SolarSeal 900 and bedded the new threshold permanently onto the slab. Someday, someone may hate me for that--althoughI am sure this door will never be replaced.

I also trimmed off the bottoms of a dozen interior doors which were rubbing on the carpet. Again, this is an easy job--with the right tools. The crucial procedure is setting the doors onto the saw horses and always making sure you're cutting off the correct end of the door. Scoring the cut line with a box knife insures a clean cut and keeps the edge from splintering. A dozen cuts, and a half dozen trips up and down the stairs--and the job was done.

Thank you, Chrissy, for the cookies, company, and pictures.