Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A leap of faith, and my first project under my own new company

Since I was 16 years old, and even before then if I count years being a helper to dad and grandpa, I have been involved in specialized home improvement work--mostly with doors and windows. Besides working as a helper, I have installed for Sears from 1976-1986,  and Mill Creek from 1986-1996. In 1996, I got into commission sales for Mill Creek, and worked there 10 years. From 2007 to present, I sold for Allied Home Specialties and Windows by Jeff. One week ago, I took a leap of faith, and began being my own boss.
'It is exciting, and a mere seven days in, I have been busy and have one nice window replacement lined up and a few good prospects. I am really thankful and trusting God to bless this endeavor. I have 1100 Facebook friends, and if the encouraging comments on my status updates are a good indicator, things are going to be AWESOME. My friends Mike and Diana Snyder have their house in Broken Arrow as a rental, and I have helped them in the past with clean-up and repairs between renters. They now live in St Petersburg FL and the maintenance has been tough. Property managers have seemed to be unreliable, yet expensive. They needed help again this time and this could not have come at a better time. This has been my every day project this past week, and I'll have it shining like a new car by the weekend.
The front yard got a haircut. The back yard was slain with a machete and baled. Ceiling fans were adjusted/replaced, walls and trim were painted, utility room was retiled, and new carpet was installed.

The kitchen spills right into the breakfast nook, which opens up into the spacious living room. Many a time have I lounged around during trail running gatherings at Mike and Diana's, and this is one comfortable house for entertaining.

Mike and Diana now refer to me as their property manager, and that has me thinking that I need to get a few more gigs like this.

Green Country Carpets did the carpet, and they were courteous, hardworking, prompt, and honest. I'd use them again.

The dining room had been a two-tome blue, and I painted it a driftwood color, which matches the adjoining hallway and kitchen walls. I barely had it done by the time the carpet went in--no color splash on the new threads!

I still have a long list of small clean-up tasks ahead of me, and should be tackling them instead of typing about them.

On the agenda for today--a rebuild of 13 feet of fence.

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